Granco Clark Saw & Gauge on 7” press

Superior Cut Tolerance:

  • High-capacity, high-performance saw ensures throughput

Advanced Automation:

  • Servo-controlled gauge head positioning


  • Floor mounted console or pedestal away from cutting area
  • Electronically interlocked saw panels 

Substantial Gains: 

  • Wide table capacity maximizing throughput

Quality Considerations:

  • Drop down arbor design
  • Large Diameter Rollers
  • Powered roller table
  • Chip collector with air valve
  • Under-table design
  • Removable side panels
  • Automatic blade height adjustment
  • Excellent cutting tolerances
  • “Drop down” arbor design
  • Maximum safety
  • Minimum noise
  • Easy maintenance
  • Optimizes blade performance
  • Lower tooth angle minimizes impact
  • Better cut quality, less damage to thin shapes
  • Higher-quality product
  • Minimum waste
  • Elimination of offline cut
  • Eliminates back rake
  • Enhances productivity by allowing process to continue while blade is making return stroke

Granco Clark Billet Furnace

Manufacturer: Granco Clark Furnace Co.
Year Of Manufacture: 1999
Model No.: 69-55-5
Order No.: 12229
Type: Gas-fired Billet Furnace For Pre-heat Prior To Extrusion
Previous Use: Copper Billets 8 1/2″ (216 Mm) Dia.
Maximum Billet Size: 9″ (228mm) Dia.
Length: 60 Ft. (18.2 M)
Number Of Zones: 7
Burner: n/a
Manufacturer: Maxon

B&O Precision Saw

B&O’s B-800 Series are complete systems designed for production cutting of bars or extrusions to close tolerances. The system uses a computer controlled back-gauge system for accurate sawing performance and improved throughput. The saws are available in either a fixed or drop arbor design and the belted drive motor is 50 HP. Saw blades can range from 18”- 30” in diameter for an 11⁄2” bore arbor. Available in both right-hand and left-hand models to accommodate material flow in either direction.

  • Systems ranging from up 1”-12” in height and 12”-36” in width
  • Standard raw stock length is 240”, but can go up to 480”
  • Position Tolerance of gauge head at +/- .002” or better

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