For nearly 50 years, Central Aluminum Company has produced high quality aluminum extrusions from our plant in Columbus, Ohio. We work with aluminum and a host of aluminum alloys, including 6063, 6061, 6005, and 6463. Our high quality, high speed presses have 1,250 to 1,675 tons of ram pressure, producing extrusions up to 50 feet long with a circumscribing circle as large as 7 inches. This equipment enables us to create complex and unique shapes such as structural parts, angles, rods, bars, custom profile, and tubular extrusions.

Central Aluminum Company maintains high standards for quality throughout our work processes.We work to the Aluminum Extrusion Association’s industry standards and precision tolerances, with both hardness and tensile testing performed throughout manufacturing. In addition to extrusion manufacturing, our company also provides design, engineering, assembly, packaging, labeling and shipping for all our high quality products. We have high production volume capabilities. Our quick turnaround times run 2 to 4 weeks for mil finish and 4 to 5 weeks for painted/secondary operations. Central Aluminum’s extrusions are seen in structural components, patios, atriums, canopies, and in a host of other applications for a wide variety of industries.To learn more about Central Aluminum’s metal extrusion manufacturing, please see the table below or Contact us directly.

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Extrusion Manufacturing Capabilities:

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  • Industry Focus
    Window and Door
    Home Improvement
    Truck / Trailers
    Sign and Billboard
    Awning and Canopy
    Display and Showcase
  • Intended Applications
    Structural Components
    Air Shuttles
    Transfer Housings
  • Industry Standards
    Aluminum Extrusion Association
  • File Formats

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