About Central Aluminum Company

About Central Aluminum Company

Central Aluminum Company has been producing the highest quality aluminum extrusions since 1963. We have solved a wide range of problems for numerous industrial and manufacturing companies in a multitude of industries. Central Aluminum takes great pride in providing excellent customer service for our customers from initial contact to the completion and delivery of their project.

Centrally located in Columbus, Ohio; Central Aluminum proudly serves the greater Midwest area. Our facility is within 24 hours from 85% of our customers. Our professional shipping department is one of the many reasons we can serve a wide range of customers in a timely manner.

Our competent staff is knowledgeable and technologically skilled. They look forward to helping customers solve their unique extrusion problems from the design to execution. Central Aluminum Company doesn’t want to be just another supplier. We will work with you as an integral part of your team’s operation. We have the capabilities and experience to process extrusions that meet your exact requirements.

We want your business! Each order is processed with the ultimate goal of 100% customer satisfaction in performance, quality, delivery and price. We aim to keep our production schedules flexible so we can meet the most critical delivery demands.

We understand that TOTAL SERVICE is your greatest need that is why we make it our biggest priority!We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with you and help you solve your extrusion problems. Contact us today and tell us about your unique project and specifications.

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